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  Customer Testimonials


Just to let you know the Shock Wave Treatment on my right was a success. The only time I have discomfort is after being on my feet all day, and then I only experience mild discomfort. I have not had any extreme tenderness in the mornings like before. I have and will again recommend this procedure to others. Thanks for everything.


I would like to tell about my surgery on my feet. For a long time my heels ached even with my orthodics from the Doctor. After a year or so, I finally talked to my Doctor and he told me about a new procedure that helps the pain in your heels.

I had the procedure done on September 1st of this year and had no down time whatsoever! That was on a Friday and I was back to work on Monday going full force! I can attest to this surgery as a "Break Through" for people with heel pain. It was well worth it to me.

Thank you,
Diane Walker
Valdosta, Ga.

Dear Rena and Bill,

This brief message is to thank you for your help with my elbows, and to let you know that I am doing incredibly better.

As you know, I had the first Orthospec treatment on my right elbow in early November. Prior to that treatment, as a result of abusing my elbow on the tennis court and playing through the pain for too long, I could not grip a towel, or write or type for any extended time without pain. That first treatment resulted in a meaningful reduction in pain after about 8 weeks, and thereby returned use of my right arm.

During November and December, perhaps thru overcompensating for my right arm and doing many more activities left handed, I developed "golfer's elbow" in my left elbow. In early January we retreated my right elbow and treated my left elbow for the first time. I am pleased to tell you that I am almost pain free at this time, now 12 weeks after the procedure. There is still some sensitivity in the elbow at times, and sometimes some minor pain during my workouts, but the improvement is about 90%. I am taking small steps forward, still using light weights at the gym, though I have been able to increase the weight and the reps steadily. If I notice some pain in either elbow, I back off. I am making great progress. This past week I even started hitting the tennis ball again. Just 20 - 25 minutes to start, and I'll build up from there. I am very pleased to report no pain at all in my elbow after these first 2 brief sessions! Hopefully this will continue, and I will be able to play tennis again this summer.

Thanks again for all of your help.

Ron Beerman


I wanted to let you know my progress after my surgery.

I was having pain in both of my heels for years. Especially in the morning when I would get up it when the pain was worse. I could barely walk. It was to the point that I would have to crawl on the floor to get to the bathroom. I would have to massage my feet before I could walk. After working I would also experience pain in both feet. On a scale of 1-10 my pain was a BIG 10. After having the laser surgery I have had NO pain what so ever. It is truely amazing. I am very happy with the results.

Everyone at the surgery center was wonderful. The only complaint I have is having to be there so early and having to wait for a long time but I understand. I know things come up when surgery is involved.

Thanks for your time. If you have any questions please let me know.

Thanks again,

Linda R. Conner

I would like to share my experience with this company. It was professional and successful. I had my treatment on April 28 and was playing golf that weekend and had no pain or problems from start to finish. I have no pain, even after a day of walking and standing. I only hope this continues for years to come.

Before the treatment I would dread to get up and walk across the room knowing the pain would be so intense it made me nauseous. I wore an air cast for 3 months before the treatment and still took pain medication just to get by each day.

I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who suffers with heel pain as I did. It will definately change your life and put you back doing the things you enjoyed doing before.

Thank you
Minnie D. James

Sorry this took me so long, I actually just found my note to do this going through my files. Anyway about 3 weeks ago I had my heel spur procedure and it is amazing how well this works. I initially developed this while I was deployed in the Balkans in 1996-1997 and have pretty much grown used to the pain, although I used tons of pain meds over the years as well, which hopefully did not cause any other problems. Anyway, I have only minor post-op pain which on a scale of 1-10 is maybe a 2. Whereas before it was always at 7 or 8. I wore a blue bootie home due to the swelling, but the next day was in shoes again…amazing, thank you so much. I'm being restationed in Utah so I am looking forward to paying a visit to my previous podiatrist to let them know I was finally able to get this done. Again, thank you for this miracle.

SFC Patrick J. Anderson

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