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BioPro products offer the latest in biologically oriented prosthesis technology in a wide array of applications. BioPro’s intent is to provide its customers with the highest quality products available. All of our implants are manufactured in the United States. BioPro utilizes the latest computer controlled milling and turning equipment which has been laser calibrated to hold tolerances needed to produce the highest quality products. BioPro also utilizes the latest measuring techniques to assure that all products meet or exceed required standards. All critical dimensions are 100% inspected by BioPro’s quality assurance department to assure there is never a problem with fit or function.

Great Toe Hemi Implant Lesser Toe Hemi Implant Subtalar Implant Bunion Osteotomy Guide Digital Compression Screw

    Cannulated Screw Extractor Tendone Passer Memory Staple  

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