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Fungal Nails - Prescription Strength Onychomycosis Cure

Prescription Strength Onychomycosis Cure
100% Natural Ingredients

Georgia Orthopedics is pleased to offer FFN~Rx, a completely safe, topical cure for Onychomycosis, available only through medical providers.

FFN~Rx is a unique medicinal that combines Ciclopirox, Terbinafine, and Fluconazole, with a patented keratin penetrating carrier system that penetrates the nail plate and reaches the nail bed. This ground breaking fungicidal combination is the first and only topical medicine to deliver a trio of medications that will eliminate Trichophyton and its related species as well as any coexisting yeast forms from infected fungal nails.

Even though Ciclopirox and Terbinafine have been in existence for many years, until now, no formula containing these powerful antifungals has been shown to penetrate keratin to the degree necessary to effect a significant statistical cure rate in infected nails.

The carrier system in FFN~Rx has been demonstrated to quickly penetrate toenails in a major university laboratory dedicated to keratin penetration. At the time of this demonstration the fungicidal ingredients included in the tested medicinal were all essential oils (see attached Maibach affidavit). Since then we have developed a methodology to include 6% Ciclopirox, 6% Terbinafine, and 2% Fluconazole in the solution. There is no measurable systemic absorption or toxicity from these topically applied pharmaceuticals. There has been no observed resistance to this pharmaceutical in any fungal culture or biopsy with a PAS stain proven case of Onychomycosis.

Careful monitoring of the clinical changes, even in the first 30 days, reveals some combination of thinning of the infected nail, the development of a sharp demarcation line between healthy and diseased nail, and the appearance of dark spots and/or streaks in the infected nail which represent dead fungal elements. Applied twice daily, the length of time necessary for a complete cure varies inversely with the surface area of infected nail and with the age of the patient. Even after a complete cure is apparent, we recommend that FFN~Rx be used twice weekly for one year to prevent recurrence from late germinating spores. Used in this fashion we anticipate a near zero recurrence rate.

As with any other treatment regimen, non compliance is the most common reason for failure. Continued microtrauma to the infected toesnails from ill-fitting shoes likewise will prevent healing. A totally dystrophic nail, which is infected right down to the matrix will need extensive repeated debridement for FFN~Rx to provide a cure.

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