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Why Fiore RX?

The spread of nail fungus (onychomycosis) has reached epidemic proportions, leaving anyone who wears fingernail or toe nail polish vulnerable to the painful, unsightly disease. Fiore Rx Antifungal Nail Polish, developed by podiatrists and chemists, is the only FDA-registered formula that prevents nail fungus at the same time it provides superior shine and non-chip durability comparable to the highest grade polishes in the world. Fiore Rx’s dual active ingredients, Undecylenic Acid and Propolis, are derived from nature and have been proven effective in preventing the growth of microorganisms that cause nail fungus.

If you are concerned about nail fungus, but want a solution that does not compromise on style and beauty, then Fiore Rx Antifungal Nail Polish is for you. We believe our products contain the perfect combination of science and nature to help our clients achieve their nail health goals, ensuring that your nails remain...

Beautiful on... or beautiful off.

Benefits of Science

A key component of Fiore Rx Antifungal Nail Polish’s dual ingredient treatment system is Undecylenic Acid. Undecylenic Acid is a natural fungicide used in medications for skin disorders. It is a common active ingredient in medications for skin infections, and relieves itching, burning, and irritation. Undecylenic Acid has been Approved by the FDA to treat and prevent the microorganisms that cause fungus. It’s an organic unsaturated fatty acid derived from castor oil, which is extracted organically from plants, and works by attacking existing fungus.

Benefits of Nature

The Fiore Rx doctors recognize the benefits that exist in nature and they have tap one of Mother Nature’s most industrious creatures for the next layer of their dual-active ingredient system. Propolis has a long history of medicinal use, dating back to 350 B.C. It’s a natural, resinous mixture that honey bees collect from tree buds, sap flows, or other botanical sources. Propolis has been proven effective against bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It is commonly used by doctors in wound care due to its antibacterial qualities. We feel this is the perfect combination of Science and Nature to help our clients achieve their nail health goals, and be beautiful doing it.

Ask the Experts

What causes nail fungus?

Toenail and fingernail fungus is exactly that: Fungus. The majority of fungus species prefer a moist, humid, dark environment similar to that created by perspiring feet in socks and shoes, the shower, gyms or even soaking your feet at nail salons. People who have sustained injury to the nail are particularly at a high risk of contracting a fungal infection as this exposes the healthy tissue of the nail to outside contamination. Fungus may also be spread through direct contact, other skin infections such as Athlete's foot, or as a result of poor health, i.e. diabetes, or foot care.

I see that Fiore Rx is FDA Registered. What makes this important?

We have taken the time and expense to make certain that Fiore Rx’s dual-active ingredient system meets the FDA's high standards. The difference is some products have ingredients that are FDA Approved, but the actual product has not been Registered with the FDA. Fiore Rx's dual-active ingredient system utilizes Undecylenic Acid and Propolis to create a healthy environment for your nails to thrive.

Do I need to see a doctor or get a prescription to use Fiore Rx?

That is one of the great benefits about Fiore Rx, you get antifungal protection without a prescription or without having to visit a doctor. But make no mistake, Fiore Rx is not a cure and you should certainly seek medical attention for serious fungal infections.

I don't have nail fungus now, can I use Fiore Rx as a preventative?

Fiore Rx was crafted specifically as a nail fungus preventative. Fiore Rx’s use of Undecylenic acid and propolis create the perfect combination of fungus and bacterial protection. So go to the spa and use that footbath. Just make certain you are wearing your favorite shade of Fiore Rx Antifungal Nail Lacquer.

I love the colors available from Fiore Rx. Is it safe to use Fiore Rx as my everyday polish or is it for occasional use?

Fiore Rx is a safe nail lacquer for daily use similar to other top grade nail polishes. The advantage is the protective and preventative properties that work to prevent fungus infections. At a minimum, we recommend applying Fiore Rx and removing each week to allow the nails to "rest and rejuvenate" then reapply. See our Proper Nail Care section for more details.

Who should use Fiore Rx?

Anyone that cares about their nail health. For those that have beautiful, clear nails and want to keep them that way, Fiore Rx is a perfect fit. Those folks can live their life: be active, wear the shoes they want, run, swim, visit the spa, knowing they have taken measures to protect themselves from contracting nail fungus. For those that already contracted nail fungus, Fiore Rx can help prevent the spread of the fungus to other nails or the nails of their loved ones. Over time, with continued use of their favorite color of Fiore Rx these customers can notice a clearer nail as the new nail grows in to replace the diseased nail. And men, the matte polish was crafted with you in mind. Freely wear the matte polish every day and no one will even know, as it has a flat finish that is not noticeable.

I've heard nail polishes can contain harmful ingredients. Does Fiore RX use any harmful ingredients or is the product tested on animals?

We are proud that Fiore Rx is free from the Big Three. Fiore Rx is free from formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate). And as we all love our pets we would never consider testing on animals.

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